About META Solutions

META Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide quality software development and information technology-related consulting services for the pharmaceutical and related health care industries. Initial projects were based on the founders’ areas of expertise, which included the definition and analysis of functional requirements for computerized document and information management systems, custom software development, and consultation regarding regulatory compliance and validation of clients’ computer systems.

In 1992, META Solutions established a computer system validation division to help clients assure that their computerized systems and procedures meet global regulatory requirements. The Company’s unique expertise in pharmaceutical R&D computer systems and its intimate knowledge of regulatory agency compliance expectations enabled this division to grow quickly and ultimately become one of the key service providers in the industry.

In 1993, META Solutions opened an office in Alexandria, Virginia, from which it conducts its clinical data management services. This organization has provided contract services to enter, validate, analyze and report the results of numerous clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients since its inception. Clinical data management services are also performed under joint contracts with several CROs.

In 1995 and 1996, META Solutions initiated a series of industry seminars. These seminars feature participation of industry experts as well as current and former leaders of FDA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance monitoring branches.

As active participants and organizers of dozens of industry trade organization conferences and seminars, the Company’s principals have become recognized leaders in the information technologies and trends that impact pharmaceutical R&D organizations today.

The Company has carefully and deliberately grown and diversified to assure its ability to deliver consistent and quality performance to its clients. Its solutions are designed to increase the productivity of R&D personnel and the quality of required data collection and analysis processes. The resulting reduction in the cost of the research and development of new drugs, and the improvement of research data quality are of paramount importance to the profitability and growth of pharmaceutical and other health care companies.